Danish Raza

Danish Raza

Web Developer


Passionate internet enthusiastic who, always love to dig into the end of all new innovations in the digital world of web and enjoy doing all of that since I was 14 so, can say I'm a web developer.

Work Experience

Near East University Web Team

April 2013 - Present

Near East University Web Team, which is a big web team in full Cyprus having lot's of web projects to meet their need with lots of web team member.

Pro Blogger

May 2012 - Jan 2013

Blogger an early web building skills of mine where i start dig in website building and still continuing.

Computer Techniquation

Feb 2009 ­- March 2011

Repairing Computer Both from hardware and software was really fun part of life which gives me full experience of my life,which i'm still using.


  • HTML5
  • Sass(Compass) - CSS3
  • Smacss
  • Foundation / Twitter Bootstrap / 960gs / skeleton
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • Wordpress
  • Linux
  • Git/SVN
  • C/Python


Near East University

Computer Engineering

From 2013­ - Present, i am in Cyprus for engineering where i started my Undergraduation with full knowledge and power of mind. and which i'm continuing doing that.

Peak Solutions College

Multimedia/Web Developing

From Peak solution college in 2012 - ­2013 I completed two prestige Diploma of "Multimedia Designing" and "Web Developer" with flying grades.

PiCiT­Computer College

Graphics Designing

From PiCiT college in 2012 I completed Diploma of "Graphics Designer" successfully.

Punjab College of Information and Technology


On Scholarship, From Punjab college of IT in 2010­2012 I completed my Pre­Engineering program successfully.



From "Dar­ul­ilm Edu Care School" in ­2009 - ­2010 I did matriculation with high grades that led me to take Scholarship in my college afterward.


Urdu - Native
English - Fluent
Turkish -­ Moderate
German -­ just Start